Virtual Memorials

Families disperse in many directions, Woodland’s Virtual memorials allow families to reconnect in addition to learn about those who have passed before us. These memorials help to bring families together as well as provide insight to local, state and world history.

Your loved one’s memorial page is automatically created when you make cemetery arrangements with our office. You may share and upload information by using the burial database via our website. These pages become a part of Woodland’s Historic records as well as location to graves, niches or crypts through GPS navigation. If you need assistance creating your memories you may contact our staff by phone at (937) 228-3221 or email

As you are completing your arrangements, consider preparing your website for future generations to learn about you and your influence on the family, your career and community.

“As families share memories and photos, these collaborative pages automatically build the timeline of their loved one’s life. Better yet, individuals can even build their own page in advance, creating a digital time capsule of their life story for loved ones to cherish.”