At Woodland, we offer a serene and environmentally conscious choices for those seeking a natural resting place. Our natural burial options provide a harmonious blend of beauty and sustainability, allowing individuals to return to the earth in a way that honors nature while maintaining legacy in a historic cemetery and arboretum.

Embrace Nature with Our Green Burial Options

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Eco-Friendly Burial Sites

Discover burial plots nestled within our naturally landscaped areas, where native plants and wildflowers create a peaceful and biodiverse environment while being easily reached via beautiful woodland trails.

Biodegradable Caskets, Shrouds and Urns

There is a wide selection of biodegradable caskets, simple shroud or urn, allowing a seamless integration with the earth. Rest assured knowing that our natural burial options exclude harmful chemicals and embalming, aligning with sustainable practices and minimizing environmental impact.

Preservation of Green Spaces

Embrace the preservation of green spaces as our natural burial areas contribute to the conservation of the local ecosystem and stewardship of our historic cemetery.

Memorial Trees and Plantings

Commemorate your loved one’s memory with the option to plant memorial trees or participate in tree-planting ceremonies, fostering new life as part of the natural legacy.

Personalized Memorials

Various options exist for the creation of personalized memorials or communal memorials, allowing families to commemorate their loved ones in a way that reflects their connection to nature.

Why Choose Natural Burial at Woodland

Why Choose Natural Burial at Woodland

Environmental Stewardship: By choosing natural burial, you contribute to the preservation of our planet’s resources and support sustainable practices.

Peaceful and Reflective Spaces: Our natural burial areas provide a tranquil and reflective atmosphere, offering families a place of solace and connection with nature.

Personalized and Meaningful Tributes: Celebrate the life of your loved one with meaningful and eco-friendly tributes that resonate with the values of nature and sustainability.

At Woodland, we understand the importance of creating a lasting legacy that aligns with your values. Contact us to learn more about our natural burial options and how we can help you honor your loved ones in a way that embraces the beauty of the natural world.

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