Somebody has to make hundreds of decisions in a matter of hours. To whom do you wish to assign this task? Many people practice avoidance and leave these decisions to people who are ill-prepared; especially on the worst day of their life, the day their loved one died. Woodland Cemetery and thousands of Woodland families think, there is a better way.

Why Should You Pre-plan? Life is more complicated now than ever! Family members live in different parts of the country. Dealing with government agencies can be frustrating, and inflation is felt by every household. Planning ahead prevents emotional overspending and protects your family’s interests.

Questions to Consider

Casket or cremation is a preference for each person to consider, more so making sure your family is aware of this choice and that they are comfortable with the decision can create challenges. When making your arrangements consider the follow:

  • Will you make the arrangements prior to your passing or will you be leaving this to the family? How will they pay for the arrangements?

  • Are your family members aware of what is to happen with you after your passing?

  • Have you researched options to arrange for your burial plans?

  • Where will you be able to have inflation proof arrangements with easy payment plans that offer the family immediate access to the pre-arranged funds at the time of burial?

  • Does the plans you have made protect against Nursing Home Costs? Have they been made irrevocable?

  • Where will your family and friends be most comfortable visiting you, in a family member’s home, at a general public location of scattering or a regarded place of remembrance with memorialization?

  • Will future family members be able to locate your final resting place?

We plan for every rite of passage throughout life: weddings, having a family, retirement. We insure ourselves to protect against fires and accidents. Throughout this website, we have encouraged our visitors to protect their family from having to make hundreds of decisions in just a few brief hours. Advanced Planning is a better way…the best gift you could give to your loved ones.

Where to from here?

  • Scroll and click through the Burial and Cremation Options pages on our website in order to familiarize yourself with the options available to you.
  • Call 937-228-3221 and ask to speak one of the Family Service Representatives, or choose one from those listed in the next section and contact that person directly.