Cremation Options

As of 2022 the rate of cremation reached 59% of all burials in the United States. Cremation opens a gambit of factors and opportunity for the people; anywhere from, cost, convenience, religious considerations as well as uniquely specific reason. However, many times people are left with the void of what to do with their loved one once the cremation has taken place.

Cemeteries still play a vital role for families who would like to commemorate their loved one for the same reason as you would in a traditional casket burial. Woodland Cemetery provides: distinguished areas of reverence, natural burials, and niches as well as the ability to be placed with family members given the proper authorizations.

Fountain Garden

Woodland Cemetery and Arboretum is pleased to announce the restoration of a recently rediscovered fountain that had been filled with plantings, over the duration of the past 50 years. This restored fountain is the center piece of an in-ground cremation scattering garden called Fountain Garden. Families will have the option of placing the cremated remains of a loved one in the earth of a working garden which provides a beautiful spot to visit and reflect upon their family members that have passed before us.

Lookout Columbarium

We believe Woodland’s state of the art Lookout Columbarium; overlooking the Miami Valley and the cityscape, with a historic tower that can be seen for miles and miles is the perfect form of memorialization for residents who love the city, the outdoors, the history of Dayton and Woodland itself. It’s a place where lives can be honored and where lives can be lived. It speaks to the heart of Dayton’s innovative history and will for centuries to come. Two columbaria have been constructed in 2010 and 2017; offering 245 niches containing a combination of single, side by side companions and single front double depth niches are protected by black granite niche plates. Name and date engraving on the granite. Be sure to consult our staff to assure that urns will fit the inside dimensions.


Enhanced by the natural beauty of historic Woodland Cemetery, the Woodland Mausoleum is a stately monument of ageless wonder. Featuring twelve magnificent stained glass windows inspired by famous literary works, the Mausoleum is a beautiful and peaceful place of repose. Imported marble, a soothing fountain and handsome 100,000 piece mosaic adorn the Mausoleum providing a tranquil final resting place. The low profile architecture of the rock-faced bronze mounted Mausoleum blends into the scenic landscape.

The main chapel features the Messiah window, the largest of the stained glass windows in the Mausoleum. The two principal feasts of Christianity are commemorated in the two windows illustrating the Nativity and the Resurrection. Woodland themes from literature abound in windows depicting Longfellow’s “Hiawatha,” Frost’s “Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening” and Rawlings “The Yearling.”

The Mausoleum offers year-round visitation in a comfortable and peaceful environment, with a variety of options for final disposition including: both single and companion crypts, as well as several sizes of either marble or glass front cremation niches. Whichever option is selected, perpetual maintenance is assured in this beautiful, climate controlled environment.

Families of any faith are invited to hold funeral, memorial or visitation services in the comfort of the Mausoleum’s chapel.

Methods of Disposition

Woodland believes in the decent and respectful treatment of cremated remains. Many, many options are available ranging from a burial space with memorial to placement in a niche or personal columbarium. We recently heard a disturbing statistic. That is, 70% of cremated remains returned to families end up in a closet,  basement or garage eventually to be disposed of without honor or ceremony. Woodland encourages families to consider as well as select some form of more respectful and permanent memorialization. Among the options are:

  • Placement in a Niche in a Columbarium inside the Woodland Mausoleum
  • Ground Burial, either in a cremation lot or full-size lot; possibly buried with a loved one
  • Placement in a keepsake urn or jewelry which can be stored in a jewelry box or proudly worn
  • Placement in a Family Estate Columbarium or Cremation Bench at the cemetery or in your back-yard (This will eventually result in relocation to Woodland when the home is sold)
  • Permanent placement in a niche within the Lookout Columbarium or family estate lot within the Lookout Terrace overlooking the city

All of these traditional forms of final disposition are personal choices that demonstrate the esteem, love and respect with which we hold our loved ones, family and friends. We believe every life deserves some kind of memorialization. Our staff would be honored to help you to decide which manner is most appropriate for you and your family.