Monument Design and Purchase

For over 180 years, Woodland Cemetery has memorialized the historic figures of Dayton; inventors, artists, community leaders, as well as precious family members unique spirit and lives.

As you wander through our Historic or Southern Districts the granite memorials display how unique each person is through simplistic or complex creative design, in addition to beautiful quality granite. Throughout the cemetery styles, colors and sizes will vary.

Within the Historic District, Woodland Cemetery preserves the majestic appearance of large and smaller family lots by limiting design elements to the surrounding established monuments, keeping the Victorian characteristics. Many areas containing only shades of grey and pink granite. Whereas in the Southern District a modern appearance is present displaying a multitude of colors as well as modern symbolism.

It is important to work with our staff while navigating the design process. Assistance as well as guidance is given each step of the design to make sure the memorial being designed fits the guidelines of our cemetery as well as the high standards of your family.